LED Technologies

In the last five years we have been actively working on mastering and promoting LED technologies both in the field of production of outdoor advertising (our main activity) and in organisation of street illumination, architectural highlighting of buildings, as well as offering the replacement of traditional light sources in all types of indoor spaces with modern energy-saving LED lights.

When working on an order, we estimate the illuminable areas, remoteness of surfaces from light sources and decades of other factors having impact on the result. The guarantee of excellent results are our many years of experience working in the field and our suppliers – leading companies on the market of lighting equipment.

Today we are able to offer our services in the application of LED technologies on any level of demand: from diode arrays in home backlighting to illumination of hundreds metres to facades or social premises.

Payback period of these light sources is 1 to 1.5 years, warranty – 50,000 lighting hours, visual effect is incomparable with incandescent bulbs.

Almost all specimens of lighting equipment offered by us are available for viewing “in action” at our showroom located in the company building.