Decorative Lightning

For more than two decades we have been developing and improving two our major activities: luminous advertising structures and lighting decoration. Now we will talk about the second one. Being the first in Baltic States to start working on decorative lighting, today we occupy a leading position in this area. Our major advantage is that our company is able to not only offer a customer the richest choice of festive light decorations, but also adapt them to individual customer wishes and to peculiar features of decorative object. Our designers’ group prepares a design wherein the beauty of lighting decoration is necessarily combined with the engineering estimate of its “behaviour” in any adverse weather conditions. Due to our experienced installation brigades, we can ourselves, if necessary, carry out the installation and dismounting of lighting decorations when holidays are over.

All our decorative materials, such as rope lights, decorative strings, luminous grids, motifs and lamps, are referred to the category of professional, i.e. possessing a high degree of protection against any external impacts and easy interchangeability. They are frost and water resistant as well asabsolutely safe for human health. Use of such light sources in most of decoration guarantees their cost efficiency and long service life.

The company has at its disposal tens of decorative motifs that are made by us with our own sketch designs, choosing sizes, colours and light sources to the customer desires. The motives, such as cold snowflakes or hot wedding hearts, will become a great decoration for any fest of the year, both in interior and in outdoor style.

During these two decades we have decorated hundreds of objects in various countries, from presidential residences and main streets, to private villas and apartment balconies: there are no small customers.

We also thought just likewise also when creating our showroom Gaismas Dekors (Light Décor) where everyone can buy amazing light decorations for the Christmas and New Year, unusual gifts and everything that creates a feeling of festivity.